Helicopter Services

Jacksonville Helicopter Charters Services

Geo Heli Jacksonville Helicopter Charters conquer the challenges of traffic congestion in and carry the passenger to their destination in comfort with a striking view along the way. We provide many other services to add a unique touch to any occasion in Jacksonville, Florida and make your life so much easier! Here is a list of the many services we offer:

  • Luxury catering (including special dietary requirements)
  • Chauffeuring to and from the airport of your choice
  • Premium NASCAR Shuttles
  • Frost prevention of crops
  • Power line & Real estate surveying
  • Wedding party transfers
  • Aerial photography & videographer
  • Animal tracking

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Specialty Helicopter Services & Business as Usual

The ability of a Helicopter during short flights far outweighs any other mode of transportation. Without the worry of traffic congestion or the need for braving international airport crowds you can do amazing and unexpected things with a Helicopter Charter in Jacksonville, Florida. With Helicopter services for every business aerial need Jacksonville Charter Services provides above and beyond customer service and options for you. Our corporate services include:

  • Exclusive Business Travel
  • Airport Chauffeuring for VIPs
  • Crop frost prevention
  • Real estate surveying
  • Aerial filming and photography
  • Power Line surveying
  • Livestock tracking


Exclusive Personal Services

Are you looking to achieve the impossible in Jacksonville, Florida? Have you ever considered taking your significant other on a sky ride for your anniversary? Have you thought about the impact a Skyline tour would make on a romantic first date? Or are you thinking about arriving in style to your next major fund raiser, sporting event or party in your very own chauffeured helicopter. Life is meant to be an exciting endeavor, what better way to make a first impression than stepping out of a helicopter from Jacksonville Helicopter Charters, Tours & Rides

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